Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Almost for Delaney. I've been encouraging him to work through a few requirements a week, and last week he got most signed off. The last thing was his fitness assessment and that was done; he just hadn't brought his binder.

So he did tonight, go that signed off, and then had his Scoutmaster conference after the meeting. He was a little nervous, and got quizzed on a number of things, but he got through it and then set up his board of review for next week. If he gets through that, and I expect him to, he'll get his Tenderfoot badge at the next court of honor in November.

Actually I'm hoping he gets his second class as well by then. He's got a lot of it done, just needing to handle a few first aid type requirements and go on one more scout outing. With the rocket launch coming up in a couple weeks and some more volunteer work, I think he'll be up for 2 more merit badges as well as two ranks by Nov. Pretty cool!

There are a few boys that passed their Life rank tonight, and they're 12 years old. Not sure Delaney can get there by then, but he ought to make Star by the time he's 12 or shortly thereafter. We're pacing things, especially with karate. No hurry, but we'll do a few things every month and slowly plug along. I think the keys are to hit the merit badge colleges and large campouts when you can, and then work on a few requirements a month. Doing that will get you most of the way to Eagle in about 4 years.

Tonight was a long meeting, the annual planning meeting, and it was 2 hours as we talked about the plans for the year for the troop and then his patrol, trying to fit things in. I was amazed that there are 2-3 things every month. A bit much for us, but it will give us the chance to choose from what's there and hit 1 or 2 things where we can.

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