Monday, September 14, 2009

A Broken Dinner

It was a fitting end to a long, and stressful week last week. The kids didn't want to go out, so fortunately Tia and I could go because of my sister-in-law being around. We headed out to Ted's Montana Grill.

We got there and the waiter mentioned red beans and rice as the soup. I like soup, it was chilly, so I ordered some. A few minutes later the waiter came back and says that they don't have the soup. They ran out of the clam chowder, and said they were making red beans and rice for the Sat soup, but didn't. It was gumbo, so I passed.

A few minutes later he came back to say that they didn't have the creamed spinach I'd ordered either, and that I needed to pick another side. He apologized, and said he'd buy desert. When we finished eating, we ordered desert, stawberry shortcake, which was pictures on a table flyer. Guess who came back to see us a few minutes later?

The waiter. No more shortcake, so we ended up getting a brownie thing, which was good, but not what I wanted.

Not a great way to end the week, but it fit with how things had gone to that point.

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tjaybelt said...

once, a similar set of circumstances occured to me. With me not getting the dinner part of dinner, cause each item i ordered was not available. In the end, i picked at the kids meals, and filled up. So, they offered a free desert. 2 choices. I hated the 1 choice, and asked for the other choice. We got our bill, paid, got our desert to go, and took off. Thinking we would try it again, and see if they did better the second time around, until i opened up the desert, and it was the 1 choice i had explicitly asked to not get.
Needless to say, we never went back, and it closed down a short while later anyway.