Friday, September 4, 2009

Tires Plus

I've used a few tire places in Denver, but Tires Plus in Parker has been one I think I've settled on. I had to stop by today since the front passenger tire in the Prius keeps losing air. It seems like once a week I need to add air to it, and it is getting old.

Last year I bought new tires from them, and so I stopped by today, walked in, and told them my issue. They looked up my account, printed a form off with a $0 estimate, and said they'd look at it shortly. I walked next door, got a drink from Burger King, sat down to check email, and they were calling me back inside of 4 or 5 minutes.

I realize they were slow today, but they gave great service, and even pointed out the coupon I'd get if I took their automated survey. They're friendly, and convenient for me.

Nice to see someone taking pride in their customer service. I notice it more and more, especially as I get worse service in other places. The Discount Tire down the road, which is more visible, is busier, and it seems that I struggle to get a salesperson to help me. They're perpetually understaffed, and I don't think the price difference is much.

From now on I'll stick to Tires Plus.

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