Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cold, cold, cold

I took Delaney to karate and then ran some errands this afternoon. And it started raining and getting colder along the way. When we got home, I went outside to replace a fence post that had broken. It snapped in half, but left jagged vinyl edges, and we were worried about horses getting hurt.

So I changed clothes, into jeans, a sweatshirt, and a beanie, and went down there to dig out the old one. As I dug down, into the hard Colorado clay, it started to rain. That helped loosen the post, but it was a muddy, miserable time when I finished getting the post in. Too messy to drill out the holes for the cables, but it's in.

We got a new horse today, driven up from Austin, to board with Tia for awhile and get a little training. Kind of cool to have someone want to bring a horse to Tia for her to train it. A nice little income enhancement as well, though we need to spend a good portion of that to improve a few things around the property.

I went up and talked with the new boarders a bit and when I came in to cook dinner for the kids, I was cold. Had to take 15 minutes and stand in a hot shower before I felt better and could make some spaghetti.

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Pinal Dave said...


I always read your blog and it is really interesting. I like the horse part.

Let me ask one question : How many top notch DBA are talking about horse and know about farm, yard?

I guess we all know the answer.

Please keep it sir.