Friday, September 11, 2009


A horse got loose today, hanging out next to the neighbor's fence, eating grass next to their horses. Delaney and I saw him as we drove away this morning to the bus. Not a huge deal with one loose, since he'll stay next to other horses. They're herd animals and don't want to be alone. Now if two were loose, that's another story. Then they might wander.

When Delaney and I came home last night, we opened the gate, drove through, and headed home. This morning it was open, and I think the battery is about dead. We have had issues a few times lately with it not working at night, but it's fine the next day when it charges in the sun. It's too far away to run electrical wire, 1700+ ft from the house, so we're completely solar, which has challenges.

I added a 2nd battery last year, but I bet the first one is about dead, maybe both of them. That means another repair to take on this weekend, or maybe tonight.

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