Friday, September 18, 2009

Hidden Mesa

A nice afternoon for Tia and I. She wanted to get Gemini out and so we decided to head out to Hidden Mesa. She was thinking to walk/jog with Gemini, not thinking that he'd be OK to ride. I planned on running, trying to loosen my chest and feel better after a long night last night.

We got there and Gemini was going OK. I walked with them for about a half mile and then she tried to get on him. He wasn't behaving well, so I left them and headed up the trail to the top of Hidden Mesa. My chest was OK, but the legs were really sore. All the stretch kicks had my groin and hamstrings sore, and I knew this run would hurt. However that's a good feeling as well, it reminds me that I've been using my body. I like that feeling.

So I headed up the trail, feeling like I was moving at old man's pace. It was about 1.4 mi to the top of the mesa, and that's about what my Nike + measured. The last bit is a steep hill and I felt every step. Made me think that despite the good shape I'm in, I'd be lucky to get a mile into the Pike's Peak marathon.

I came back down, and then felt my foot a little sore, so I started walking, eventually meeting up with Tia and Gemini. They were jogging in the fields. We walked back and I felt pretty good afterwards. Tired, legs sore, but I felt pretty good.

Now I've showered and am getting ready to cook some spaghetti for the kids.

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