Friday, September 18, 2009


I drove to the local gas station a couple miles away tonight to get spaghetti sauce and bread. When we returned from our run, I was tired, and hungry, and ready for spaghetti. A couple days ago Tia and I bought a big package of ground beef, intending to make a few things this week and I've been wanting to each night, but didn't. We were busy Tues and Wed, Thur I was sick, and so tonight was the night.

I browned beef, started heating water, buttered a few slices of bread and hit my first obstacle. We were low on bread. Not a huge big deal, but I knew we'd be short some bread. Just a slice per person. Then I got the ground beef in a pot and went to get spaghetti sauce out to add.

No spaghetti sauce.

At this point my plans were in jeopardy. We had some tomatoes and paste, but I wasn't sure I'd make a great sauce in a hurry. I decided to just hit the local store, praying that they carried what I needed.

They did, though I got small jars at $4 apiece, and a loaf of bread, but we were in business. I cooked it up, leaving Tia some ground beef for enchiladas tomorrow, and we had a nice pasta dinner. It hit the spot.

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