Thursday, July 16, 2009

Working for Money

My little boy is motivated, and it's good to see. Delaney asked today how we could make some money and we said that we'd let him cut grass. He didn't like that idea, but a couple other things Tia threw out there were all just as distasteful to him. However we said that he needed to work, and we'd pay him well, mostly so he'd get the experience of earning his own money. He's done a little in the past, but he broached the subject today without asking for something first.

He's motivated by Legos, which is fine. So after my run, I went outside, got the mower running and set him up. I could hear it running, on and off, as he'd stop to move something, but only for a minute or two. Finally it stopped and about 5 minutes later my phone beeped with a text message. My sister-in-law, who is hanging out on the back porch, sent a note that Delaney was having trouble with the mower.

I went out there, saw there was no gas, and took Delaney up to the station to fill up. Then I helped him make lunch and went back to work. About 30 minutes later he asked me if I'd fill up the mower so he could go back out. He's been out there for almost another hour, chugging away at the grass the tractor can't reach.

He's timing himself on his watch, since that's how we'll pay him, and I said to come see me when he was done. He stopped it when the mower died from gas, and I had him start it when we started filling up the mower. He was surprised, but I said that was part of the job, and he if he had to fill it up, I'd have paid him for that time. We'll see how long it lasts, but it's good that he's willing to work for things.

We did the same thing with Kyle when he was younger, and he worked pretty well. He didn't want a lot, but he did go out there and do chores for money, and still will. Kyle's usually willing to groom the arena, or feed horses, or other things around the ranch in addition to baby-sitting.

I'm not sure how Kendall will do, but I think her brothers have set good examples.

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