Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Up to Seven

I got an invitation to the SQLSaturday blog, asking me to contribute, so I accepted. After all, I'm a part of that franchise, and so it makes sense to try and contribute there when I can.

So I'm now up to seven blogs that I try to contribute to on a regular basis. That's a lot of writing, though to be fair, I cross post a fair bit when I find things that apply to different places.

My blogs:

  • dkranch - The personal blog, thoughts ideas, things that impact my life.
  • The Daily Runner - a log of my running streak.
  • SQLSaturday - a blog for the SQLSaturday events
  • Contact Hitting in Business - thoughts on business, sustainable businesses. Too often I see people trying to get rich quick and not focusing on a lifetime business.
  • The Modern Resume - I hope to write a book from my presentation and this blog is a place for thoughts.
  • Inspired by This World - I see things at times that just really inspire me, or make me think. So I put up a separate blog for these items. Most of them also end up on the dkRanch blog.
  • Joulio - An energy blog put up by some friends that asked me to contribute.

Most of these I try to contribute to on a weekly basis. Probably sometimes I'm biweekly on some of those. Live Writer has really helped, along with Live Mesh, allowing me to keep a set of posts that sync across my various machines.

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