Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It’s on my mind since Kendall watched Master of Disguise the other night.

I had a good run today, going 1.5 mi at a good pace. Not too fast, but a good run, and I could feel my legs tired when climbing stairs. So my plan was to take it easy at karate tonight. I figured it would be an easy night, middle of the month, lots of kids likely to show up, etc.

So I get into class. I started warming up with Delaney, but he was going downhill. Feeling sick, so I had him lay down and he actually was asleep by the time class started. Poor kid.

I had a decent warmup and was expecting us to run through some basics (punches, kicks), but we want right to kata. For whatever reason, I just felt it and exploded into the first kata. I ended up getting complemented from our sensei, something that doesn’t happen often. But I just felt energized and attacked the kata.

It felt good, but I was gassed about 7 or 8 forms in. Still, I worked hard and was dripping sweat by the time we moved to self defense. I was glad to slow down, but because of the pace, but because our brown form stresses my ankle and it was still sore.

We finished with burpees, which wiped me out, but I still finished as one of the first few. I lay down to rest and dripped a nice puddle onto the mat.

A good night.

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