Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scout Camp

A few photos of Delaney from his week in the woods.


He shared a tent with Jacob, one of the other boys that came with him from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts. They've never been close, and this was a good chance for them to spend some time working together. I think they realized that they're not good friends, but they got along OK for the week. Definitely Delaney needs a new tent buddy for next time.


Lots of hiking and walking around the 2500 acre ranch at Peaceful Valley. I remember this from Webelos camp the last few years, and I'm sure Delaney did his share that week.

He's definitely a snow kid. While it was a rainy week at times, it was also warm, and he's the only kid that's got his winter vest on. For some reason he likes to keep covered up. Good for us and him, less sunscreen to nag him about.

He said he had a good time, and he looked good when we picked him up. He wasn't hungry, or sunburned, or down. Glad to come home, but all smiles and it had been a good week. He showed us around a little, but mostly I think it had been a long week and he was ready to just come home.


His favorite thing? Shooting sports of course. He took the rifle class and said that it was neat, but he'd struggled to hit the target a bit. The merit badge requires skill, not just effort, and you need to drop 5 out of 5 shots into a small quarter-sized target. He managed 4, but not 5 during the week. So he wants to practice, and I need to run him out to the range, or set it up in the yard somewhere.

A good week, and he wants to go back next year. He did earn his Railroading and Space Exploration merit badges, choosing the academic items. It reminded me of my time there as a kid and it's been one of those memories that stuck with me for my whole life. I'm really glad he got to go.

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