Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baseball Sunday

Another fun game, another 7 innings, and another ass-kicking of the Spikes. We got killed and there was some doubt if we'd get past 5 innings. Actually there was doubt that we'd play.

I left early, thinking I'd run before the game, but hit traffic on the highway, and then the field was in bad shape. The early game had been cancelled, and we were debating it. Finally I went with another guy and bought some kitty litter that we spread up and down the first base line, where it was really muddy. The batters boxes and catchers area was raked, and we decided to play.

I start in left field, which was squishy wet from the get go. So wet that I was kicking up water all over me. I played a touch shallow to find a dry spot and the first batter promptly hit one 20 ft over my head. I was running to the fence and saw it hit beyond me.

And die. It hit in a small splash and stopped. I had to slow and come back to it. Lesson learned so I played deep for the next guy and he hit one through short on the ground that I had to run up on. At this point my feet were wet and the entire back of my legs was splattered with water and dirt.

From there they other team kept scoring. I think 4 in each of the first 3 innings, while we were shut out. They hit in between us, no errors on our side, and we had some hard hits right to people. I walked, fouling off a great pitch off the end of the bat. I regretted that when I walked. I also hit a liner that 2nd caught in the 4th, us still down about 12-0.

Finally in the 5th, down 14-0, the game on the line, there were two on and I hit a nice one to right center to score someone. I didn't score, but I did the same thing in the 6th, moving people around on a single to right. We managed to get through 7, and gave a few other guys the chance to pitch. In the 6th and 7th, we were joking around with the other team, and so it ended on a fun note. With rain starting to come down, we were happy to end things.

Pitching makes a huge difference, and once again we struggled because of walks. Not that we would have won, but I think it would have been closer if we'd have thrown more strikes. A fun game, and a good one for me. I played 1st, left, and center, no errors, snagged a bad throw at first, and was 2-3.

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