Thursday, July 23, 2009


Last night after karate we came home, I cleaned up kids, and we were all set to watch Wipeout. A new episode was on last night and the kids love the show, so our plan was to watch it before the kids went to bed. As soon as I turned on the DVR, however, I realized something was wrong. Wipeout was listed as recorded after Leverage, and I knew that wasn't right. We started watching, and sure enough it was the Japanese Game Show program instead. We only had the last few minutes of Wipeout.

Delaney was OK, but Kendall was really disappointed. So I grabbed my PC and we went to, where we couldn't see last night's episode (disappointing), but we did see an earlier one from this season that we hadn't seen.

So we watched, PC on my lap, kids in bed next to me, and it went pretty well. The streaming worked out well, no glitches, though occasionally it wasn't clear in the rendering.

TV online is close, but still not quite there. Still, it was a nice option that saved our plan for the evening.

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