Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Criminals are Always Ahead

A new scheme to get ATM PIN numbers using automated systems and VOIP is in play. It's described here and the important thing for everyone to know is that you can't trust a phone call anymore. Unless you make the call, don't do donations or make changes just because someone calls you. It's gotten to the point where I won't respond to bill collectors anymore on the phone because I have no idea if they are real. They have to tell me what is wrong and then I have to check and call them back or call the company that originated things. I can see this causing issues in our legal system as more people adopt this attitude.

The thing is that criminals will always be one step ahead, and trying new things. As nice as technology has become, you can't necessarily trust that it's working on your behalf unless you initiate the call or click. Look at how sophisticated some SPAM emails have gotten.

And even then, you need to be sure you're dialing the correct number or entering the correct web address. Lots of people out there have registered misspelled domains, just to catch people that aren't paying enough attention.

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