Monday, July 27, 2009

Sore Knuckles

It never fails. I go to karate, tired, full, sore, something, and I think I'll take it easy. That was the case tonight. I ate a couple pieces of pizza on the way out the door at 5, taking Kendall to tutoring. I get to karate late, getting Kendall to piano. no warmup, or little, the body sore as we started class, and a senior student teaching. All recipes for an easy class. To top it off, when we went to partner drills I got a new guy, his 4th or 5th class.

And yet when we started boxing, I started pushing. Working hard, sweating, and dripping by the end of class. A good workout, and I felt I earned a step towards black.

I did get to work with Delaney briefly in some punching drills. He was a little silly and got tagged in the face. I hit his hand, he hit himself in the eye/nose. He was close to crying, but held it off. Held him after class and warned him not to goof off too much. Easy to get hurt if you're not paying attention.

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