Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Old Team

I faced my old team today in baseball. It was good to see them, and I got to talk to a few people that I haven't seen all year. Our games have never been scheduled near each other, so this was the first time I got to talk to a few of them in a year.

They didn't take us very seriously, and I can understand. They played people out of position, switched pitchers after every few innings, and in general treated it like a scrimmage. With good reason since we managed only 4 hits and no runs, losing in 7, 11-0. I didn't get a hit, but I did manage to hit the ball three times for outs.

I played OK in the field, making a couple plays at 2nd, blowing a throw to 2nd for the start of a double play, and dropping a liner. Not my best game, but I did make a couple good plays on harder hit balls.

It was a long, hot game, and we struggled again. We had 7 guys, picking up a couple that were friends of players. We've dropped a lot of games, and a few of the guys were upset, but I thought it was pretty good. We managed to make some plays, no one got hurt, and I had a good time.

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