Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Lost My Tubz! (iTouch/iTunes Issues)

I have two iPods, a 4th Gen Nano that I use for running, and a 1st Gen iTouch that is my media device, has Kindle software on there, etc. Having multiple iPods is fine, and they work great, but I have one issue. I used two different machines to sync them up. My iTouch is sync'd at home with my desktop since that's mostly where I get music and stuff, and I started it there. My Nano syncs with my laptop, mainly for the Nike+ runs that I sync up with iTunes on the road.

Normally this isn't an issue, I have my laptop running at home and I sync it up regularly with the Nano. However when I'm traveling, I often have both iPods (I know, I'm spoiled), since I use them for different purposes. This is a good reason to just get an iPhone and move to one less device, but I'm not quite there.

The issue I've had with my iTouch is that sometimes when I'm traveling I need to charge it. That's a normal request, but sometimes I don't have a wall charger. Instead what I do is plug it into my laptop. That has never been a big deal since I don't sync it, I just let it charge, canceling all the messages on the screen.

Lately, however, there's a new behavior. Despite my canceling the messages, it removes my Apps from the iTouch, leaving music and everything else alone. It happened a few weeks ago, snagging the Kindle app off my iTouch, which was really annoying. I had to then sync up with the desktop when I got home to get them back.

Last night I did it again, not thinking, and lost all my apps, including Toobz, which has been a fun game for me on this trip. For some reason my Kindle app isn't gone, but I'm guessing that's because it was running when the iTouch was synced. In any case, I appreciate that as I'd like to be able to read.

So now I'm stuck with no apps until I get home, or until I find a wi-fi spot in which I can get back to the app store. I tried from the hotel, and it appeared to connect with wifi, but the app store wouldn't work.

Very, very annoying. And there's no need for it. It's poor programming that wipes the apps, even if the iPod isn't authenticated on the computer.

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