Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gadget Man

I'm searching for a new laptop bag. After getting a backpack from Microsoft and using it on a few trips, I realize that it won't work. Since I know there are a few other people looking for them, I commissioned a review on a Maxpedition bag from the Scary DBA. I'm looking forward to seeing what he thinks of that one.

In any case, when I was trying to stuff things into my bag and struggling. So I unpacked the bag and then took stock of what I had in there. My list of things:

  • 15" laptop
  • power brick and cord for the 15" laptop
  • HP Mini 1030R Netbook (10")
  • power brick and cord for the netbook.
  • iTouch
  • iPod sync cable
  • USB wall adapter
  • USB car adapter
  • iPod for running
  • External USB drive
  • External SATA adapter (purchased on the trip)
  • CD case, holds 12 CDs/DVDs
  • a dozen pens/pencils
  • 2 small notebooks
  • USB charge cable for cell phone
  • business cards (about 20-30)
  • headphones for running/editing
  • 2 digital cameras (1 for my daughter)
  • book light for airplane reading
  • small SD card -> USB adapter
  • external USB->VGA adapter
  • mini-tripod
  • bluetooth headset charger


I was actually stunned by how much crap I was carrying around. No wonder I didn't like carrying the backpack. I can cut down a touch of this stuff, but I'm missing my camcorder, which I'll need at PASS along with a microphone.

I definitely think that I need to consider a rolling bag of some sort.

Don't look for all this at SQL Saturday #17. I'll be there with just the netbook, leaving the 15" laptop at home.

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