Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not Quite Ready

I went back to karate tonight, feeling good, having a good easy run today with no pain.

However once we started to work out, I realized pretty quickly I needed to slow down, not stretch as far. The warm up wasn't bad, and I learned to avoid knee lifts and some of the kicks. When we went to partner drills and combinations, I was really handicapped on one side. I had to take it easy on everything.

For some reason I think taking it easy makes everything harder. When we went for pushups and abs at the end, my arms and shoulders were really tired. Not sure why, but it was harder than normal, and I'd been working less hard!

Delaney started coughing up a storm right before class. People were wondering if he was OK, and even he tried to get out of it. However when we started working, his coughing got less and less.

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