Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back in Richmond

I turned off I-295 from DC, heading towards Charlottesville to the West. The last time I came down from DC that way, at least that I remember, there was no I-295 West. The road ended there going west, only being an Eastern semi-circle around Richmond. So it looked a little funny, but the address for my hotel and talk, on Cox Rd., was familiar. Once I started driving around, I realized that this was where I used to work, picking up I-64W as I came around Richmond, getting off here and heading to Dominion Resources.

I don't miss those days, since it was a 110 mile commute from my house in Va Beach each day, 220+ miles a day. Still, I learned a lot, and that was where I decided to get into DBA work after meeting a guy that made $90k+ in 1992.

So I pulled off, sitting here in a Starbucks down the road from my old employer, taking a break before lunch with a friend, wondering when my daughter will show up.

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