Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is This a Problem?

I'm not sure, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

The other day our DVD played in our room died. It had been acting up, and I'd unplugged/replugged it in the strip a few times to get it to work, but it finally refused to come on. This happened to be one of the rare times Tia and I wanted to watch a movie, so we were annoyed. Our first thought was to watch the movie on my laptop.

So there we were, two technology professionals, successful, laying in bed, a laptop on my chest, us watching a movie. At least for about 10 minutes.

At that point I said I was done, and walked down to the basement, grabbed the DVD player from the treadmill and brought it back upstairs. We watched the movie, and I shuffled it back downstairs the next day. Since then it's come up and down a few times as kids or us have wanted to watch a movie. Kind of annoying, and I think I need a new DVD player on my shopping list. Or two.

The first time the kids asked me to bring it up, I asked why they didn't watch it in the living room and heard from them the DVD player down there wasn't working. Grrr, is everything broken? I then realized that they had been watching movies on the iMac or the XBOX 360, and didn't like either solutions. There aren't good places to sit around those devices.

When we came to Denver, the first winter we bought a big TV and a DVD player. Back then DVDs were still new, and you got 10 with a DVD player to boost sales. This was in 1999, and that is the same DVD player that's been in the living room ever since, through 2 moves. It finally died this year, 10 years later.

About six or seven years ago Tia and I bought ourselves a new TV and DVD/VCR combo for our bedroom. That lasted about5 years and then partially died. So two years ago, when we got the treadmill, bought two $40 DVD players that matched. One went down to the treadmill, and one to our room. The one in our room has apparently died, and now we have one non-computer working DVD player in the house.

That's probably all we should need, but since I like one for running, I think we need to get at least one more, and if I'm buying $40 ones, I'm tempted to get 2 and get the main TV working again. As we've had family over recently, it would be nice to have that TV available for watching stuff.

I don't see the $38 ones I saw before, but it looks like I can find a $47 one.

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