Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We Can't Have Flying Cars

While trying to film a podcast outside today, I was constantly distracted by airplanes. It's not that I live too close to an airport, though there's a private strip a few miles away, but it seems as thought the main airports in Denver have flight paths passing relatively close to my house. At one point I could see 3 planes in the sky in the same 100degree slice of sky.

They disturbed me, but I thought, what if we had flying cars? Then lots of people would be exposed to a lot of noise as others took off and landed near them. Roads can be load, but they're more self contained, and it seems that many of the houses on the edge of a neighborhood constrain that noise.

Flying cars would be a mess.

Forget about the safety issues, forget the technology, I bet it wouldn't happen because of the noise.

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