Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All Alone in MD

Delaney went to his conference last night, and this afternoon Kendall headed down to Va Beach with Grandma, leaving me alone here in DC. My brother and nephews dropped me off a half hour or so ago, and I'm on my own for about 24 hours. Since I've been up here a lot, I'm not sure what I should do. Not much for me to see, and I don't want to fight traffic down into DC. I could go to Baltimore and Camden Yards tonight, but I think I'd be rushed, and after spending a few hours in traffic, that doesn't sound overly appealing.

DC 20090630 026

I'm thinking to get some dinner, take it easy, and read a bit tonight. I definitely have some work to do as well, getting ready for my talk on Thursday night down in Richmond.

It seems quiet, and not what I was expecting. I've hardly seen my little girl this week, her spending time with her Aunt and Grandma, happy to abandon me. I can't really complain since she doesn't see them that much and I get lots of time with her at home. I'm glad she's having a good time.

We did have a minor crisis as Grandma picked her up at the zoo. Buddy, her stuffed guinea pig wasn't in her bag, and that was not good. She'd left him in my room, having decided to take pity on Dad and give him some time last night. She cried, and wanted to come get him, but not enough to miss the trip to Va Beach. Hopefully that drive down goes OK without Buddy.

We stopped by to see Delaney tonight, catching him just before dinner. They didn't want us to go into the dining hall, so Uncle Jim, the three cousins and I sat with Delaney for about 15 minutes, making him feel wanted and hearing a bit about his day. I think he's had a good time, almost running through all the pictures in one of the cameras I'd given him. After missing his calls I'm glad I caught him.

DC 20090630 031

The day was a long drive down, but then a good time at the zoo. Kendall wanted to see big cats and wolves, putting up with side trips to see the gorillas and monkeys pretty well. It rained a bit, and that helped keep the heat down, and it seemed that all the cousins and Kendall had a good time.

Lots of pix up on Facebook for friends, I'll see about adding a few more here.

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