Saturday, July 18, 2009

No Parts

The rear wheel on the rotary cutter came off last week, and while I could continue cutting, I wanted to replace it. so I took it to the local tractor dealer, and he couldn't help me. I had thought it would be a generic part, but apparently not according to these guys.

I went back, dug out the manual to find not a single company name or brand on it. Nothing on the cutter either. Calling the guys that sold it to me meant that I

So I tried calling the dealer I bought it from after that, only to find out they are out of business. Grrrr.

Today I took off the rear U arm and went down to see if they could fix it. They said perhaps they could substitute some parts and do some labor, but I'd be throwing good money after bad, and I'd probably be $250 or more in. A new one from them is about $1000-1200, and I can likely get another brand for more like $800.

So not sure what to do. A guy that runs a tractor dealer down south is supposed to call me back Mon and we'll see. For now I'm not sure if I should cut without the read wheel or not.

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