Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Lazy Morning

Letting Tia sleep in while I read with the Kindle on iPhone app in bed. Kendall left last night to go with her Aunt and Uncle, so just Delaney was around. He lay with us briefly, but then went to watch TV.

So after reading a bit, and messing around on the laptop, Tia woke up, and we had the chance to just relax. We don't get that often enough, and it's usually at night when we're tired. In the morning one, or both, of us is on the go. This was a nice quiet time, no pressure to get moving.

I finally made coffee, and Delaney had a shower to clean up his nose and feel better. The doctor yesterday said he had a sinus infection and an ear infection, but we'd done the right thing by letting him try to fight it off. Our pediatrician doesn't like to prescribe too much, and he'd rather the kids have a week to try and heal themselves, but we gave in yesterday when Delaney was dropping green things out of his nose. He's on antibiotics and they seem to be helping.

We watched some of Shanghai Knights before I gave up and decided to get the day started. I headed out with a quart of water and started mowing grass. I did 90 minutes, getting a big slice of the front done, though after about 3 hours in, I'm not sure I'm halfway done, or close to it. I'll go out later and do some more.

Just finished Day 306, now off to the batting cage to practice a bit before back to mowing a bit more this afternoon.

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