Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last Chance

Kyle came and asked me if I'd want to run a 5k with him and Tia last night, and then came right back and said I couldn't. Only Tia and he could go and I had kids. That's OK, and it's cool to see him thinking about running. He's run a few times on his own, outside and treadmill, as well as with Tia a bit. She says he's really fast and strong, with that tall, skinny runner's body. So she encourged him to run cross country.

After he told me I couldn't run, I asked him if he was going to do cross country. He said no, and didn't really have a good reason, so I tried to encourage him to try. My big argument? This is your last chance to do it.

Not entirely true, you can always run, could do it in college, but high school is different, and it's more of a team, and less competitive than it will be later on. Once you're in college, they tend to make you try out, at least I think so. Also running as an adult is different.

I had a friend who ran his senior year, and I didn't. I regret that now, even though I wouldn't have been good, I wished I would have just run. Especially since I've really learned to enjoy running.

We'll see if he tries. I said to give it a few weeks and he can always bail. Hopefully he will.

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't in shape enough to run my junior year of high school but got in better shape to run my senior year. I was the 6th best, meaning I could take slots away from others but my finish didn't count for my team's overall score, but it was a great experience. Not only is there the team aspect, but also the feeling of accomplishment as goals you set for yourself fall.