Saturday, July 4, 2009


We arrived at BWI this morning and found Delaney, reuniting with him after I haven't seen him since Tuesday night. Kendall hasn't seen him since Monday, so he got a few big hugs.

He actually started calling me at 10am, when he arrived here. They'd spent the night at the Baltimore Science Museum, and were up early driving back down. I guess technically he'd started calling me last night, trying to get more money. They arrived there and he was down to his last $3, so he called. He wanted to get something from the gift shop and wanted me to drive up there to meet him. At the time I'd just walked into a movie theater with Kendall to see Ice Age 3, so I wasn't inclined to drive up there. Plus he'd had a bunch of money, so I thought it was a good lesson. He still wasn't happy today, but he understood.

When he called this am, I was eating breakfast with my brother and Kendall. He wanted us to hurry, and so we finished up, and said good bye to Uncle Jim. It was good seeing him and this is the most time we've had in years, so a good trip for me. All in all, a family trip for Kendall and I, a mix for Delaney and his Junior Leadership Conference. I know it was exciting for him since he's already talking about next year and told me they have programs up until 12th grade.

I don't know a lot more they've done, and I'm not bothering him since he will likely get the same questions from Tia and he's not feeling good. We did load up on a little medicine for him from the gift shop and I think that helped. Some Vapor Rub (kicking myself for not thinking of this earlier) really calmed his coughing down.

Today was funny, with him calling me twice as we finished breakfast, once more in the hotel as we packed up, three times in the car as we drove over, got gas, and then hit the rental counter, and one final time as we were getting out of the rental bus and walking into the terminal. He tried to hurry us up as we could have made a 12 flight non-stop to Denver and been home early, but I hadn't planned quick enough. I never make those, so I didn't think about it. The whole process reminded me of Tia, who will sometimes call me 4 or 5 times in 30 minutes for things. This might set the whole Delaney-gets-a-cell-phone thing back a year.

All in all, it's good to see him, and now we have a long day of air travel ahead of us.

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