Friday, July 3, 2009

A long day

It felt like this was the longest day yet. After breakfast, Kendall and I drove back up to DC, getting to the mall around 12. Later than I wanted, and regretting it slightly. It was a zoo up there, with tons of tents being set up for the holiday weekend. Cars everywhere, and after two laps around the mall we moved off about 4 blocks on the Congress end of the mall. I really had to go to the bathroom, and we started walking back, only 30 minutes of time in the meter.

The port-a-potty's on the mall were locked, I guess for the evening festivities, so we struggled to get to the American History museum to find a rest room. After that we had to debate what to do. No one nearby wouldd give me change, and it was a good 4-5 blocks back to the car. We decided to risk a ticket, and walked down to the Natural History museum. A treat for Kendall, though we didn't stay too long, just about 90 minutes.

After that, it was a quick trip with relatively little traffic back up to our hotel in Columbia. I was ready to call it a day, but we wanted to see my brother. After I tried to rest with Kendall jumping on my back, he called and we went to meet him at his office. I was impressed with it, and it was exciting to see my little brother with his own office, his name on the door, and all ready to treat people. He even gave me a 15 minute work on my sore wrist before he had patients to see, and Kendall dragged me to see Ice Age 3.

Now we're about done with our trip. Breakfast tomorrow with my brother, packing up, and then we're off to the airport to meet Delaney.

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