Monday, July 6, 2009

Road Trip

Kyle wanted to go back to Phoenix to see friends. It seems there's a bit of a love interest as well, so his plan was to drive back and spend a week there. He left this morning, and while Tia and I are slightly worried, it's a road trip, and he's almost 18. I know at 17 I took one with friends, and we drove all through the Northeast for a week visiting colleges. There was also the drinking beer and tempting trouble, but that's some of what being a teenager is.

As scary as it can be, preventing him from going doesn't change the desire to do it. And it doesn't mean that he won't get into this trouble next year when he's 18 and more liable for his actions.

He's called a few times, unsure of if he was on the right road. As expected, with a teenager's planning, he hasn't really spent much time checking on things, but that's OK. It's an easy drive and I'm sure he'll be fine. He has an AAA membership, so he can call if he runs out of gas or something else happens.

He's past Albuquerque, heading for Flagstaff, and hopefully will get to Phoenix tonight.

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K. Brian Kelley said...

So he took the right turn at Albuquerque? Sorry, it was there.