Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Most Polite

Tonight was Delaney's first Court of Honor where he got something. He earned 4 merit badges, though only got 3. We think there was a paperwork mix-up that we'll deal with next week. We've been out of scouts for a few weeks with travel and other stuff, so this was a good way to ease back in. Nothing to do but show up.

After giving out all kinds of awards, they pulled up all the boys that were at summer camp onto the stage. Then they gave out different awards, basically recognizing something about each kid. There were awards for the earliest riser, the aqua-man for someone that was always at the pool, a kid with the most sunburn and one for the most blisters.

Delaney got the "Most Polite Scout" award, which was pretty cool. Nice that they think that part of him stands out.

He's on a good pace. Five months in, 4 merit badges and almost a 5th. Slightly behind some scouts, but ahead of others.

Now I need to get him to continue working. An Eagle was awarded tonight, and hopefully that motivated him a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Most polite? That's awesome!