Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Timing is Everything

I got up this morning, wanting to go through the forums, check on Database Weekly, etc. as a Sunday morning check. If I have time, I try to do this and be sure everything is working and it’s a fairly quiet time around the house for me to get some work done.

As I was answering some posts, I saw an email come in. It was from a user that felt her thread had been hijacked with people arguing about her solution. I responded that I’d take a look and sent her an email back.

And I got one back immediately! She was surprised at the speed I responded.

I tend to task switch more often than I probably should. It definitely makes me less efficient, but since I could be here at the computer any time of the day or night, it often really adds to the site to have me answer something right away.

Not that I want a ton of emails, but I do try to get to them quickly when I can and at least give you an answer.

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