Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Cold Workout

Not as hard as Monday, but I also took it a bit easy. Tia thought it was crazy to go to karate tonight, but I wanted to go and the roads didn't seem too bad. Despite it snowing most of the day, not much was on the ground, 2-3 inches, and it was cold and frozen, not sticky.

So we made it down there, not much slower than normal and not really slipping around. Delaney worked out with me while Kendall pretended to be a horse on the ground. It was a good boxing workout, ending with up-downs mixed with abs that had most people groaning, and had me remembering those tough workouts at 5:30am when rowing crew.

Ah, fond memories.

We made it back without any problems, the Prius showing -2F outside. 14F on the way down. A cold night.

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