Thursday, December 4, 2008


Tia's truck was leaking anti-freeze all over the driveway when we went out last night to take Kyle to work. Our plan had been to go meet him at school, give him a car, and then all of us come home. The truck stopped that, so I filled it up with anti-freeze and Tia drove it to the diesel shop while I went and got Kyle and dropped him off at work. Then I picked her and the kids up, grabbed dinner, and came home.

Today we got a call that it was $1100 from these guys to replace the radiator and then flush the system. That sounded high, but I'd never worked on a diesel, and it was a huge radiator with multiple connections. So Tia called Brakes Plus, who we like, but they don't do diesels. She called the dealer and they were $950, so we decided not to hassle with it and let the diesel specialists work on it.

Then they called that something had come up and hit the radiator and messed up the fan, so another $400 for that.


And it's snowing, so while I got some parts for Kyle's car the other day, the weather has been cold (24F yesterday) and snowy today, so fixing that will have to wait another day or two.

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