Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Long Day Skiing

But not a lot of time on the slopes. We left this morning, Delaney, Kendall, and I in the truck, heading to Loveland. We stopped for breakfast, I grabbed some Halls and Daytime Nyquil for the high altitude (still a little sick), and got going up C-470.

Then just as we were getting up to I-70, Kendall's wire came out of her braces. It was very annoying, and we sat on the side of the room for about 5 minutes while we debated what to do. It seemed like it wasn't bothering her too much, but she was nervous and I was worried, so we turned around and headed back to the ortho. I was thinking our ski day was cancelled, Delaney was upset, Kendall was sad, and we drove in silence for awhile.

Fortunately the ortho was good, and they got her a new wire and got us through the checkup so we don't have to come back tomorrow. We got out of there before 10 and decided to try skiing.

So we got up there and were on the slopes by 11:30 at Loveland. Delaney was a bit nervous at first, but he started to get a bit better. However it was really windy and cold, probably 20F and a good 20-30 gusts, so we ended up skiing for about 3 hours and calling it quits.

We made it back, and I got through my run, and now it's time to shower and relax. Not a great day on the slopes, but it beats working and I think the kids had fun.

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