Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kindle Update - Encouraging the Kids

I remember when each of my boys started to read a lot. There was a time when both of them picked up books devoid of pictures, with 50 or more pages, and would sit and read and really enjoy it. Kendall has done some reading on her own, but tonight she really to move into the reading stage on her own. She's mostly picked easier books to read, often with lots of pictures, or repeat ones that we'd read with her.

However we were out tonight, and heading to karate. While we were eating dinner, so asked if I could find her a book on the Kindle. I wasn't sure, so I fired up the wireless connection and started looking through the Kindle store. Searching returned too many results, but browsing down through the kids section, then animals and horses found us about 24 books. She wanted me to buy some, but since they're all about $10, I wasn't in the mood to experiment too much. But I did grab 3 samples for her to look through. I figured she'd try to read and then put it down and play with kids.

So I started stretching, saw her reading, and all of a sudden she came over saying she'd finished the sample and wanted the book. So I asked her about the story, she knew some things, so I bought the book. As we worked out, I snuck some glances over there and sometimes she was reading, sometimes she was playing, but as we got ready to leave, she was reading, continued in the car, and just before we got home she showed me she'd finished the book. It was on the last page and she was proud of herself.

I thought that was cool, and Delaney is definitely asking me often if he can read some of the sci-fi I have on the Kindle. I'm sure I'll know have Kendall asking as well. As much as I enjoy my Kindle, I'm happy to share if it gets the kids reading more.

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