Monday, December 1, 2008

Sports Summary - Dec 1

I was listening to Mike and Mike this morning and they were talking about the latest BCS rankings. Alabama (roll tide!) is #1 with an undefeated record, and they should be. They're in one of the power conferences, arguably the strongest in the country, and they've beaten everyone. They'll have a test in Florida, which I think is a mistake, but for now they're the number one team.

However the number two team is up in the air. Golic had the argument that Texas beat Oklahoma, so they should be #2. Greeney had a better point. Why is Texas Tech not in the discussion? After all they beat Texas, Texas beat OK, and OK beat Tech. It's a circle, and you could argue any of them, along with Florida, could be #2. However Florida lost to Mississippi, which isn't ranked.

Everyone wants to complain about the BCS and computer rankings, but that might be the best system. I've argued this before, but there's too much emotion from people, most of whom have biases for their alma mater, home conference, parent's school, etc. The computers do a good job to overlooking that, though they have to get the polls out of there. Also, with only 12 games, the teams don't get to play enough teams to have a good national championship. Add in some conferences have a championship and some don't, and it's a mess.

To me the only good solution is to go back to the way things are. Ensure that the Big 10 and Pac 10 play the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl for Big 12, etc. Get these big games from the championship teams of each conference.  I like the bowls and they're fun. Match up #1 to #1 from two conferences, #2 v #2, etc. Maybe have an extra game for the winners from those bowls or match up the final 4, but leave the bowls alone.

And get consistency among the conferences. Everyone has a championship game or they don't, but it has to be the same.

And Denver pulled out another game they were expected to lose. They beat the Jets, after losing to Oakland (a supposed win) and beating the Falcons (an expected loss). With San Diego trying to lose the division, the Broncos have almost locked up the west.

And what's with the rookies? Two teams, Baltimore and Atlanta, have rookie QBs, and they're both 8-4 right now, tied with the Cowboys and better than the Broncos (7-5). If the season ended today, both would be in the playoffs. Have to admire Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan for their performances. I'm sure Atlanta is in the Mike V-Who camp right now with a new coach and QB.

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