Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Finishing Up

Most everything was done for Christmas yesterday, with the last few packages coming today. However Tia wanted a couple last minute things from the store. She says we spend too much, but she never wants to be short at all, so after a 1/2 day of work, we packed up the little ones and headed out to get some lunch and a bit of shopping.

We'd neglected (read that I) to empty the back of the Prius, which had a couple things Tia had gotten yesterday, so we were fairly full from the beginning. I tossed a coat over things so the kids wouldn't notice anything they shouldn't, but they're fairly oblivious to what's in the car.

As we got lunch and drove around, I had my iPod to keep them occupied. Lately we've been passing it around, letting each person pick a song and listen to it. It's worked out well and I got them to do Christmas in Hollis first after buying the video on iTunes today.

It was almost a mistake when we made Wal-Mart and had to split up. The kids didn't understand why Tia walked away and why we couldn't go with her. I mumbled some excuse about getting things done quicker, which seemed to work. Or maybe they just don't bother to listen to me anymore.

In any case Kendall saw a Crayola box in the bags when Tia came out. Tia said it was for a friend, but we'll see what happens. Actually I'm not sure who they're for, so maybe the excuse was real.

In any case, we're hanging out, I finished a touch of work (check out my horrible poem and podcast for tomorrow)

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