Monday, December 29, 2008

The Archives

I moved the blog from my personal site to blogger a few months ago and I have to say that I really like it. The ability to use Live Writer (as I’m doing now) to write offline, or partial post and then post that is key. Tagging and the feeds are also a big deal to me.

However one thing that I miss is the One Year Ago section that I’ve had on my home page. It goes back one year from today and grabs any entries and displays them, reminding me of what was going on then. It’s one of those neat things that I really like.

Blogs tend to work by listing the last xxx posts, letting you catch up, but they miss out on a couple of things. One is the daily listing, which I understand might not work for most people . After all, most people don’t post daily, much less multiple times.

The other is the ability to look back in time and remind yourself. It’s nice to have an automatic way to do this. I’ve heard there’s a decent API for Blogger, so I might need to look into that. Looks like this might be a good project for me.