Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Quiet Christmas

The little kids were pulling us out of bed early. Delaney shook me and then informed me that it was 7:17, so he could now shake me. Kendall was likewise working on Tia and they managed to get us and Kyle downstairs by 7:45 or so.

It was a fairly quick, quiet Christmas, everyone excited and happy with gifts, a few surprises for everyone, including the adults. Tia and I had wrapped some things separately, so we both weren't aware of a few things that were coming.

I shot some video, and I'll process it soon. I hate to be so slow getting things up on the web, but I'm going to work on Christmas video now since we don't have a lot else to do. Breakfast at 9:30, but I couldn't convince anyone to move out for skiing. I did tell them I'm going tomorrow, no matter what anyone else does.

I made out pretty well and I'm happy with the gifts. A few things that I probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise. I ended up with

  • A new snowboard helmet with integrated audio
  • A snowboarding backpack
  • Books (of course)
  • A book light
  • A new light for the bedside (Tia got a matching one, hmmmm, Santa's thinking)
  • A new sealable water bottle that might get me to drink more.
The kids made out well, though nothing amazing. However Delaney's already used birthday money to get some new Legos and another Xbox game. Kendall has a bunch of games for her DS and a lot of stuff to color, including a T-shirt and a mug that she's already working on.

It was nice to see the kids getting gifts for us as well. Delaney took some of his money and bought me a book. Kendall made a couple things for us herself, got Tia a book, and got me a small knick knack, snow globe of Santa. Our kids are fairly spoiled, which we somewhat regret, and somewhat enjoy, but it's good that they're thinking of others a little. They were definitely a little disppointed with no big thing for either of them, but they handled it well.

Now time to process some video, read a bit and relax.

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