Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catching up on Blogging

Here on my personal site, I tend to just randomly throw up blogs as I think of them. It's more a chronicle of my life than anything else, and mainly for family and friends. Hence all the silly pictures.

However on SQLServerCentral, The Daily Runner, Energy and Technology, and Contact Hitting in Business, I have other blogs that I want to have content appear on regularly. It's good to have changes that show you're paying attention to the blog. Especially when there's a purpose there.

So this morning, with lots of ideas from vacation, I've been doing some writing, scheduling out some blog posts on various sites for the next week. I really need to do this at least once a week and get a couple out there to both grow the sites, and ensure that I'm getting things done.

I do cross post a few here, so you don't necessarily want to check all those sites. I don't have a good rhyme or reason for what I post here as well as elsewhere, but it's a learning experience for me.

Speaking of silly pictures...

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