Monday, December 29, 2008

LED Lighting

I got some LED bulbs from the C Crane Company and tested them in a few places. I actually have a few running on a regular basis in the house and they’re OK, but not great. The light diffusion isn’t great. I think there’s still work to do here on this technology, and perhaps some work for me to figure out where these make sense.

I see LEDs working well in a few places. Flashlights are a great place since power is a concern and LEDs shine in one direction well and use very little power. However we don’t waste a lot of power with flashlights, so this is a convenient place to use them, not one that impacts the world.

Auto makers are using them more and more in headlights. That’s OK, but they bother my eyes and I wish they weren’t being used. However that’s probably something I have to learn to live with.

I saw a note that in North Caroline there are tests going for these bulbs in streetlights. That’s not a bad idea since we burn a lot of KW every night in those lights for safety and convenience.

Surprisingly these work well because they don’t disperse light. They shine directly down. That’s interesting since I thought the idea was that it would brighten an area. Maybe it’s a way to get kids back together in a single, safe spot at night.

And save money. Between the power savings and the life of the bulb, there’s some good savings in labor and potentially smaller government. Always a good thing. Tags: ,

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