Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Tia opened the mail this morning and found that she'd passed the first part of Level 3 Assesment for Parelli! Congrats!

She's been working on this for awhile, and it's been hard with her job, kids, and life in general. I've videotaped her a few times and we've put together some DVDs, but she'd never been happy with the results. However a friend convinced her to just send the latest one and sure enough, it passed.

I've felt that she's a little hard on herself and a bit of a perfectionist, wanting things to be exact when the real world is a little less certain. Especially with horses. Still that desire is what drives her.

I'm proud of her, making strides forward and looking forward to the day when she's out there teaching others how to do this stuff full time.

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