Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bowling and a Movie

It almost didn't happen. Both little kids were complaining about something, Kendall couldn't find her camera (which we found this morning stashed in our remote holder) and Delaney didn't want to bowl, but we got there. While the adults sat with a drink, except me, not in a drinking mood lately, the kids played some games. I was ready to pack Delaney and Kendall up and come home, but Tia said let's get them food and give it a try.

It worked, the kids cheered up and we set up 2 lanes with another family. We should have put kids on one lane and adults on the other because our 5 went really slow. After starting with 2 strikes in a row, I cooled off and Kyle caught me with some good bowling on his side. He had a couple strikes and a bunch of spares regularly spread through his frame.

Kendall got a few spares using the frame the helps kids roll the ball, kind of a hill you set up. Along with bumpers, that helped. Tia's wrists are just too week and she tried palming a ball, but it doesn't work well. I think our bowling days might be close to done. Between that, my fingers being sore from my throwing too hard, and my back feeling the weight, I was done after one game. Actually everyone went too slow and I didn't get to finish my last frame.

Afterwards we played a little air hockey in which Delaney beat Kendall a few times and I beat Tia once. Up 5-0, she came back nicely and made it a 7-6 game. Just luck on my part because she's pretty good once she gets going. We hit the movies, Delaney and I seeing Valkyrie, which he wanted to see and everyone else going to Marlee and Me. They did a good job, but the whole Nazi thing really isn't my bag. Not that interesting, though a little sad at the end when Cruise and the conspirators get shot in front of a firing squad. At least they're honorable.

Marlee and Me was supposed to be sad, but Tia and Kyle said it wasn't that emotional. Kendall said she almost cried, but apparently lots in the theator weren't bawling. Maybe it's us? Life on a farm? Lots of animals dying around here? Who knows.

In any case, it was a nice night, but Kendall came in our bed sick last night, having trouble breathing, so likely a day or two letting her recover. Not sure we'll get to snowboarding tomorrow. Maybe I'll take Delaney and call it a day.

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