Sunday, December 7, 2008

Car Repair

Kyle asked if we could go work on his car, so I went with him and we sorted the parts and started to try and get them attached back to the car. It didn't seem like it should be that hard, but as always, it was a pain to make them fit back in there.

We got the bumper reinforcement on there, bending a few pieces of metal to get it attached, but the front trip was a pain. Once that was on, then I couldn't find the screws that were there to attach the panels. Not that it mattered since we couldn't figure out how to get the headlights attached.

So I called around looking for a manual, but no one carried any. The NAPA people said they could order one, but the guy told me about, which is an online site. I logged in, thought the samples were OK, so I bought a year's subscription for $23. It has part numbers, some diagrams, and instructions for many of the  things you need to do to attach or detach parts.

Digging through there showed me that the headlight assemblies are broken and we need new ones. I also figured out that we needed a bunch of screws to get things to fit together. I don't think that this will be that hard to do, but we are definitely looking at another $150 to get the headlights going.

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