Thursday, December 11, 2008

Music in Paradise

When I locked up the car, I had just started my iPod with headphones on under my helmet and started walking towards the lifts at Loveland. It was a sunny day, fairly warm (30F), a little breeze, and not crowded. It was kind of surreal, music playing in my ears as I walked through the light flurries coming down.

I've never boarded with an iPod before. Typically I'm with someone, and since I can't listen to music and also communicate, I've never taken mine. Back in the day when I used to go alone at college, portable music wasn't as easy to tote around with those big CD players.

So this was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed it. Letting the iPod pick songs randomly as I went up and down the mountain was a good time.

I took today off to go skiing and had planned to take Kendall, but with her missing Tues from a snow day and we didn't practice spelling last night, so I was a little concerned about her missing another day.

So I dropped her off at school and took off for the mountains. I was halfway around the E-470 loop when Tia called that she had landed in Denver from her trip to Atlanta. I thought about turning around, but I rarely get to go up boarding, I had the day off and decided to just go.

I rarely waited for more than 1 or 2 people to get on a lift, and just spent the day going up and down, riding down and taking a lift right back up. Most of Loveland is open, and I go the chance to go up a bunch of lifts I'd never been on before. I mostly rode blues, and zoomed around with only a couple falls. One was when I got into some powder and couldn't get the board to turn since it was packed too much. No air, still too chicken, but a fun day on the slopes.

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