Monday, December 22, 2008

The Miracle Pillow

I'm not sure what the pillow I have does that nothing else does, but it really helps my neck.

Saturday night I must have slept on my side too much because my neck was a little sore. I could feel it going through my run, and then at the game, when it was cold, it got much worse. By the time we got home from the game it hurt to swallow sometimes and definitely hurt to turn my head. By the time we finished games and I was ready to lie down, I was in pretty constant pain from the pinched nerve.

I've had it checked out and there's nothing they can do. I've seen chiropractors, acupuncturists, and nothing seems to help. Those guys give me some relief, but they don't help it heal quicker. However one night on my pillow, sticking to sleeping on my back, and I feel much better. I knew it felt better this morning, but until I actually went running here a few minutes ago, I wasn't sure. I feel much better and it didn't bother me on the run.

A good thing since I have a purple belt test tonight in karate and I didn't want to miss it.

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