Sunday, December 21, 2008


I heard all week that the Dallas O-line would be an issue with Baltimore and it certainly was. They didn't do a great job of protecting Romo, at least not until the receivers could get open.

And a horrible job of play calling from Garrett. Whatever wasn't working with the routes should have been changed. You have T.O, Williams, Creighton, Austin, Whitten, and you can't get one open? Horrible job of modifying the game plan.

We'll see if they make it now into the playoffs. There's a chance since quite a few teams have looked shaky lately, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them miss.

Off to see the Broncos / Bills today. This is one of those games I'd be happy to watch in TV, but my sister-in-law and her boyfriend wanted to so, so I got tickets. Need to run and then get Delaney and up dressed up for 20F weather.

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