Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Food Drive

We had to get out of the house early this morning for the Cub Scout food drive. We were in charge of getting set up at a local supermarket and I needed to shoot a podcast, run, and pack the car for an all day outing.

We grabbed breakfast on the way there, and then got set up with another Dad and his kids at the StoneGate King Soopers market. It was a little slow at first, and the kids were shy. But we helped them get started, showed them how to greet someone and hand out a shopping list of stuff that was needed.

In an hour we'd filled up 3 full shopping carts of stuff and I think the boys felt good about it. By the time we left at 11, we had over 5 carts overflowing with food and we packed the Prius in back as well as another truck that was there.

I hope Delaney realizes how lucky he is and what a good thing this is to do. Take some time out of our day to help others. I need to schedule the drop off with the food bank when I can take he and Kendall to experience a little bit of helping others.

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