Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Burpie Nightmares

At the end of karate tonight, we ended with the burpie/ab workout. 5 Burpies in and around our 4 part ab workout. Even though it wasn't a really hard workout (lots of self-defense) the burpies were hard. I guess running a mile and a half this afternoon didn't help.

I had Delaney in the class with me and he did well, working with one of the other adults. He said our class is much harder than his leadership class, but he had fun. However he didn't like the burpies.

I can relate. For two years of rowing, we would get up and arrive at school at 5:30 and start our warmup with burpies, in and around push ups, sit ups, etc. Those were so hard, and I used to have a love hate relationship with them. They were incredibly hard, but at the same time I know I got really strong from them.

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