Monday, December 1, 2008

The Big One?

Wow, this is scary: consolidating the Big 3 automakers into the Big 1.

It's not that the idea doesn't have some merit, and one strong US company might do better than 3 in the world market, but using bankruptcy to renegotiate contracts and eliminate jobs and debt is a bad idea. We all suffer there.

Detroit has gotten fat, and lazy, and not that innovative, trying to hold onto SUV sales to boost quarterlty profits instead of thinking long term. This is the market at work, but in working, many, many people suffer. People who were promised benefits, loaned money, spent their careers learning trades and working for companies that promised to take care of them. Sure the unions have abused things, but they've also ensured there is some security for workers.

I want to see Detroit innovate, whether with 3 companies or 1, but they can't be allowed to shirk benefits and responsibilities, especially for retired workers.

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